Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Lessons form UP Election Results of 6th March.

Sad Congress lost UP despite Rahul! Are you surprised, not me? Rahul did his best, I can't blame him. We must know it is a vote against corruption of Congress and Mayawati. It's vote against the Congress for the way they dealt with Anna, it is against the recent conspiracy hatched by Congress and BJP together to undermine and defeat the Lokpal Bill in the Parliament. Rahul is the victim of this conspiracy despite his best intention. Rahul also paying the price for his biggest blunder by talking rubbish against Anna and his movement at the crucial time and which has really sallied his good name (see my comments posted on 26/8/11 - he said at that time, Anna is seeking to subvert Parliamentary democracy) which in fact had surprised me at that time. People in UP have not forgotten this conduct of Rahul. Remember, however ignorant and misled our public at large are by the machinations of politicians, one thing is clear, they are all against corruption and are unanimous on this issue. UP preferred Akhilesh to Rahul, because at the moment he is the better hope than Rahul in UP, despite many sins committed by his father Mulayam.

Lesson should be clear for Rahul. There is no need for him to be devastated at the moment, it is his own making. This is a state election where local party and local politics dominate unfortunately. If he wants to succeed as a national leader, it is simple, support whole-heartedly Anna and his crusade against corruption and give a categorical promise to the nation that Congress will weed out corruption within a short time regardless of dishonest allies of UPA. If allies of UPA fail to support Congress, they will be asked them to leave the alliance and ready to go for general election. It is foolishness on the part of Manmohan Singh and Rahul to continue the current UPA alliance without any objective except the objective of supporting the corrupt politicians surrounding them or their inability to stand up to what they believe right on the issue of corruption. They should realize that there is a huge trust deficit in the minds of the public for Congress solely on account on of corruption. 

I wish Rahul good luck and also to Akhilesh, as they are our future hopes.


  1. Indian public has come off age and votes differently in local, state and central elections. I agree that Rahul need not be disheartened. Mallar saab you may like to comment whether the future of India is strong state leaders and a weak center. If so, there is bound to be stress because the revenue sharing model that exists is wrong. How will the state leaders get the funding for their aims?

  2. But Sir, I also feel the fall was not only because of Rahul or Congress but because of the campaign by Akhilesh Yadav at the grassroot level. People saw a young leader in Akhilesh Yadav and the public had an uproar against UPA at the centre and Mayavati in the State. The only thing that bothers me is that, the decisions taken by Akhilesh be independent or he's going to be a puppet entertaining his dad. The "Caste & Religion" trump card has also paid of for SP. Multi-party system and existence of a lot of regional parties may just not be able to provide a stable & trustworthy Govt. at the Centre.