Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Arundhati Roy on Anna

I refer to Arundhati Roy’s article called "I'd rather not be Anna" published in The Hindu on August 21, 2011. I am sorry her intention doesn’t appear to be above board. It really misleads the common man. She admits the cancer of corruption spread all over the body of Nation, but she offers no solution to root it out. When Anna makes an attempt to find a lasting solution, she smells the rat which doesn’t exist. I am not surprised, she always found fault in everything and everywhere when good things are done for the Nation. When Anna seeks to provide an anti-corruption medicine to the cancer which ruined our economy and body politics ever since the Independence in 1947, she now shouts that it has side-effects including hair-loss and tells the patient to die by cancer instead of suffering side-effects. She introduced in the fight for corruption of Anna, politics, rightism, leftism, religion from her tinted glass. Today, the political class of the country dosen’t enjoy the credentials to believe what they said in their Lokpal Bill. In any case, a careful reading of their Bill can never eliminate corruption, and the only intention, it appears, is to shield and protect corrupt bureaucrats and politicians. To me, her article is an insult to the intelligence of Team Anna and the public supporting Anna.

Let us save the life of Anna, the Nation needs a leader like him. The Government should discuss immediately with Team Anna how to take the best of Jan Lokpal Bill into a new Bill and discard the Government Bill intended to fool the public.

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