Saturday, 27 August 2011

Anna campaign …..Rahul Gandhi is a disappointment

Rahul is a big disappointment to me yesterday. He said anti-graft campaign and the Jan Lokpal Bill seek to subvert Parliamentary supremacy. It is sad that he has not understood the fundamentals of Anna campaign. Civil Society is not seeking to enact all the laws of the Country outside the Parliament. The fundamental reason for Team Anna to draft the anti-graft Bill is due to Conflict of Interest. The primary objective of Jan Lokpal Bill is to banish corruption in Government, MP’s–in-Power who run the Government and the Bureaucracy. Hence, it is unlikely that they would pass an effective anti-corruption law. Over the last 60 years, the “Supreme Parliament” did nothing to contain the corruption and the MP’s-in-Power did everything to enrich themselves through the corruption at the cost of the Nation and common man. There is tremendous trust deficit between the civil society and the Parliament, particularly when it comes to legislating on corruption. Common man does know that nobody can challenge the power of Parliament to legislate, but unfortunately the “Supreme Parliament” miserably failed to legislate on the subject since 1950. 

Rahul should understand that, it is in this context, “WE THE PEOPLE” were driven to streets under the leadership of Anna and tell the Government and Parliament what the minimum WE THE PEOPLE want in any anti-graft legislation. The introduction of any Bill by the party in power, and debating and passing the same by the Parliament is the process to meet the object of framing the law, binding on all citizens. Rahul confuses the process itself as the object. As any young leader and “The Prime Minister of Tomorrow”, he should have advised his party and the Parliament to forget the technicalities of the process and achieve the main objective of enacting people-oriented effective anti-corruption law, by adopting basics of Anna’s Bill and thereby also save Anna’s precious life.

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